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Printing Business

Established in 1990 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1996, MC Group has grown to be a diversified group in Hong Kong. With premier printing facilities capable of satisfying the diverse needs of our global clientele, we are in position to be the largest book printer in Asia.

The growth of Midas Printing is evidenced in the establishment of two product categories: BOOKS and PAPER PRODUCTS. We have a diverse customer base with over 300 customers from all over the world. Our customers include companies of different business area, such as book publishing, toy manufacturing, book and gift retailing and so on.

Our book printing division is one of the major book exporters in the region. We have a solid global reputation for quality excellence and competitive pricing. Our customer database is on a global scale. We work with many well-known publishers from the U.S.A., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong.

Our paper product printing division specializes in the printing and manufacturing of all kinds of paper products, commercial and packaging printing products, such as gift boxes, paper bags, greeting cards, stationery sets, packaging boxes for toys and electronic products, user manual and commercial books. We work with renowned local and overseas multinational corporations. Our quick turnaround time and value-added services help our customers to respond faster to the dynamic market trends. We have also started to explore new paper product markets such as gift paper box, paper gift bag and hand-made packaging box in order to diversify our product range to meet the needs of our customers.

Our products include all books with various binding styles like case-bound, flexi-bound, limp-bound, perfect-bound, notch-bound, saddle-stitched, wire-o and spiral, etc. You will find our high-quality printing is suitable for producing art books, photography books, cookbooks, textbooks and children’s books.
Several teams of skilled workers were established to produce books with slipcases, hand bound books, board books, puzzle books, books with pop-ups or special mechanisms, books with electronic components, auto-reading books, book plus items, novelty books, game or activity kits which require intensive manual labor processes.

We can produce a wide spectrum of paper products with 2-, 4-, 5-, and 6-color or more. We are capable of handling intricate gluing patterns, window patching and lining, die-cut, foil stamping, embossing, UV coating, water-based coating, PP lamination, corrugated lamination, corrugation, silk screening and envelope making.
Our strict adherence to product and service quality wins the confidence of many prestigious and renowned multinational corporations, such as Wal-Mart, Hasbro, Mattel, Disney, etc. who are our major clients.
Our paper product division can be mainly divided into three streams, namely stationery items, commercial printing and packaging printing.
Some highlights of stationery items are stationery sets, greeting cards, hand-made cards with accessories, photo frames, and albums, etc.
As for commercial printing, we are capable of producing books like various magazines, periodicals, annual reports, corporate brochures, point-of-sale items and catalogs, etc.
Our skilful workers and advanced facilities also provide an optimal platform and capability for packaging printing, such as paper boxes, paper gift bags, gift boxes, packaging boxes, wrapping paper for consumer products like wines & spirits, cosmetics, toys and electrical appliances, etc.
As complying the notion of providing total printing solutions, we can offer one-stop customized services such as mailing of commercial products and sourcing accessories for you. Also, we can produce a versatile range of OEM and ODM paper products.

  • Production Facilities

    The Yuanzhou Plant occupies 410,000 square feet of production facilities and warehouse. The plant is designed to specialize in book printing and is equipped with 17 sheet-fed presses running at a maximum rate of 16,000 sheets per hour. The plant currently houses 2-, 4-, 5- and 8-color presses with strong bindery support.
    We replace our equipment for every six years to keep abreast of changes in the printing technology. In 2003, we have invested HK$60 million in upgrading our plants and machineries. We have installed a 8-color perfector press and a 5-color press plus post press equipments during the first quarter of 2003. In 2004, we have installed an additional binding line and have invested in two sets of 5-color printing presses. Moreover, we have three sets of the state-of-art computer-to-plate system which can provide various prepress management solutions, shorten production lead-time and save cost for our customers.
    To further ensure your success through our quality standards, our Yuanzhou plant received the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate in April 2009 from TUV Management Service. In September 2006, we also received the ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate from China Quality Certification Centre (CQC). In addition to Dongguan Plant, our Yuanzhou Plant was accredited the ICTI Code of Business Practices Certificate in October 2009. This again proves that we are a well-managed Group that complies with the straight requirement of ICTI. In compliance with our corporate philosophy in the aspect of environmental preservation and better serve our clients, we were accredited with the Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody Certificate (FSC CoC) in November 2007.

  • Machine List


    1. Computer-To-Plate System And Accessories (2 Units)
    2.Pre Press And PS Plate-making and Accessories (2 Units)
    3.Sheet-fed Press (11 Units)
    4.Guillotine (8 Units)
    5.Paper Sheeter (2 Units)
    6.Folding Machine (5 Units)
    7.Gathering & Perfect Binding Machine (2 Sets)
    8.Case Bound System (1 Set)
    9.Automatic Thread Sewing Machine (5 Units)
    10.Semi-Automatic Thread Sewing Machine (2 Units)
    11.Saddle Stitching Machine (1 Units)
    12.Hand Feed Saddle Stitching Machine (2 Units)
    13.Endpaper Tipping Machine (2 Units)
    14.Casemaker And Accessories (2 Units)
    15.OPP Laminating Machine (2 Units)
    16.Automatic Hot-Stamping Machine (2 Units)
    17.Semi-Automatic Hot-Stamping Machine (6 Units)
    18.Automatic Die -cutting Machine and Accessories (6 Units)
    19.Semi-Automatic Die-cutting Machine (2 Units)
    20.Coating Machine (2 Units)
    21.Box Folding And Gluing Machine (2 Units)
    22.Sample Maker (3 Units)
    23.Silkscreen Machine (3 Units)
    24.Wet Proofing Machine (2 Units)
    25.Corrugated Laminating And Card Board Laminating Machine And Accessories (3 Units)
    26.QC Equipment And Testing Equipment (8 Units)
    27.Others (15 Units)

  • Location

    Yuanzhou Plant
    Xia’nan Administration District, Yuanzhou Town, Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong, PRC

    Tel: (86) 752 668 2111
    Fax:(86) 752 668 2333

  • Capacity

    Monthly Capacity of Books
    Printing :63 million impressions
    Paperback binding :2.7 million copies
    Hardback binding :1.7 million copies
    Saddle stitch binding :2.4 million copies

    Monthly Capacity of Paper Products
    Printing :19.2 million impressions
    No. of boxes :14.5 million pieces

    Production Lead-Time
    As a leading printer of time-sensitive printed matters, we have a reputation for on-time delivery in the industry. This is achieved through our 24-hour, 2-shift operation and a proprietary work-in-progress tracking system. Apart from printing, finishing and packing, we have extensive experience in logistics. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that all orders are handled efficiently to expedite delivery, either in local or overseas.

    One-Stop Customized Services
    To better serve our customers, we have set up a Research and Development department (R&D). Its aim is to provide one-stop customized service to our customers. This department specializes in sourcing some special components. When our customers need any special components, we can provide information and suggestions in order to minimize the time consuming processes of sourcing the inappropriate components. The R&D department also provides product development services in which we work together with our customers in developing new products from concept stage to manufacturing the actual final product. This may involve thorough testing procedures at our plant using the latest testing equipment and advanced technology.

    What’s more, we also take a proactive role on providing pre-press and production consultation. We are not solely a printer but a solution provider.

    Service Capability Reference
    Upon receipt of approval for press, our production turnaround time is as fast as two weeks generally, but it’s subject to complexity of projects.

You can trust us to find the most efficient method to complete your project at a competitive price. We do this through effective project management and waste elimination. We will help you save money.

We are capable of completing your project in the shortest possible time. We can also accommodate rush orders and emergency printing. You can expect the fastest possible turnaround time from us.

Our people are sensitive to colors and nuances that bring out the best in your design. Trust us to ensure that your ideas are brought to life on paper. We will put your thoughts into print.

The quality control process starts as soon as your project enters our system, resulting in excellent production values. With our ISO certification, you can only expect the highest quality from us.

One-stop Service
We are dedicated to providing one-stop service to our clients. From pre-press, printing, post-press finishing, quality assurance to product development, our professional print advice and value-added service formulates premier total printing solutions to assist you achieving business growth.
Competitive pricing, superior print quality, on-time delivery, responsive customer service and one-stop service, we are beyond comparison.

  • Print Awards

    We believe in quality as the pre-requisite for success in the printing industry. And we are proud to be recognized for our quality work by the many print awards conferred on us by organizations not only in Hong Kong but overseas, such as the Premier Print Awards that is held annually by Printing Industries of America.

    Below is a list of winning titles with corresponding categories and awards obtained in the past few years.

  • Corporate Awards

  • Certificates

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  • Pre-press & Printing

    With the MetalFX technology, we can offer you a wide choice of unlimited amount of metallic colors for creating outstanding metallic effects on your products in an easy and economical way.

    Rub-On Transfer
    Rub-on transfer is a technology of rubbing printed images onto another substrate. It is suitable for producing novelty like art activity kits and self-made cards, etc.

    Heat Transfer
    The heat transfer technology has been well-mastered by Midas in fabric printing in which it offers easier control and greater flexibility.

    Wet Transfer
    With wet transfer technology, images can be transferred onto substrates of uneven surface like skin by adding water. It can be widely applied to various interesting products like tattoo paper.

  • Secondary Processes

    Hydrochronic Ink
    Hydrochronic Ink turns from white to transparent when it is wet. The color at the bottom layer will appear, performing a magic of color changing.

    Glow-in-the-dark Ink
    Glow-in-the-dark Ink is a kind of ink which can absorb, save and emit light. It glows in the dark after absorbing sufficient light.

    Encapsulated Scented Ink
    Encapsulated Scented Ink is a type of ink mixed with particular aroma in the form of tiny capsules. Scent will be released after rubbing the tiny capsules. There is a variety of scented ink which simulates various aromas like apple, flower, chocolate, etc.

    Scratch Ink
    Scratch Ink is usually in metallic color which provides good coverage. By scratching the ink, the bottom layer will be unveiled.

    Thermochromatic Ink
    Thermochromatic Ink is a kind of ink which changes its color with temperature. When the Ink is warmed to a certain degree of temperature, it turns transparent or another color and the original color will be restored after cooling.

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